Angel of Death 2009 Hindi Dual Audio HDTVRip 480p 200mb

Genre:  Action | Crime | Thriller
Size: 240 MB

Language: Hindi- English

QUALITY: 480p Bluray Directed by:Paul Etheredge
Starring:Zoe Bell, Jake Abel and Vail Bloom
Story…Renowned comic-book auteur Ed Brubaker, writer of The Death of Captain America, spins a pulpy yarn custom-made for death-defying star Zoe Bell (Death Proof). In this pinnacle of the grindhouse renaissance, Bell stars as Eve, a ruthless assassin who, in the midst of a hit, gets stabbed in the head before accidentally killing a young girl. She survives the ordeal only to be plagued by visions of her past victims. Now with a conscience and unable to work, Eve realizes she must track down her former bosses before some unspeakably sinister hitman inevitably comes to erase her existence.

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